IPL Mechanism

A primary DOS disk partition (type 1, 4, or 6) may be used to boot the 
system . The code for FSDs may reside in any partition readable by a 
previously installed FSD. An IFS partition must be a type 7 partition. 
The OS/2 boot volume includes the following: Bootrecord and basic file 
system. The root directory of this volume will contain a mini-file system 
in OS2BOOT, a kernel loader in OS2LDR, the OS/2 kernel in OS2KRNL, and the 
Device drivers and FSDs are loaded in the order they appear in CONFIG.SYS 
and are considered elements of the same ordered set. Therefore, both 
device drivers and FSDs may be loaded from installed file systems as long 
as they are started in the proper order. For example: 

DEVICE = c:\diskdriv.sys
REM Block device D: is now defined. (diskdriv.sys controls this.)
IFS = c:\fsd\newfsl.fsd
REM If we assume that D: contains a fixed newfsl type partition,
REM then we're now ready to use D: to load the device driver and
REM FSD for E:.
DEVICE = d:\root\dev\special.dev
REM Block device e: is now defined.
IFS = d:\root\fsd\special.fsd
REM E: can now be read.
DEVICE = e:\music

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