FS_DELETE - Delete a file

Removes a directory entry associated with a filename. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FS_DELETE(pcdfsi, pcdfsd, pFile, iCurDirEnd)

struct cdfsi far * pcdfsi;
struct cdfsd far * pcdfsd;
char far * pFile;
unsigned short iCurDirEnd;

pcdfsi is a pointer to the file-system-independent working directory 
pcdfsd is a pointer to the file-system-dependent working directory 
structure . 
pFile is a pointer to the ASCIIZ name of the file or directory. The FSD 
does not need to validate this pointer. 
iCurDirEnd is the index of the end of the current directory in pFile. 
This is used to optimize FSD path processing. If iCurDirEnd == -1, there 
is no current directory relevant to the name text, that is, a device. 
The files specified are deleted. 
The deletion of a file opened in DOS mode by the same process requesting 
the delete is supported. OS/2 calls FS_CLOSE for the file before calling 
The file name may not contain wildcard characters. 

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