FS_FINDNEXT - Find next matching file name.

Find the next occurrence of a file name in a directory.   
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FS_FINDNEXT(pfsfsi, pfsfsd, pData, cbData, pcMatch, level,

struct fsfsi far * pfsfsi;
struct fsfsd far * pfsfsd;
char far * pData;
unsigned short cbData;
unsigned short far * pcMatch;
unsigned short level;
unsigned short flags;

pfsfsi is a pointer to the file-system-independent file-search structure. 
The FSD should not update this structure.   
pfsfsd is a pointer to the file-system-dependent file-search structure. 
The FSD may use this to store information about continuation of the 
pData is the address of the application area.   
Addressing of this data area is not validated by the kernel (see 
FSH_PROBEBUF ). The FSD fills in this area with a set of packed, variable- 
length structures that contain the requested data and matching file names. 
cbData is the length of the application data area in bytes.   
pcMatch is a pointer to the number of matching entries.   
The FSD returns, at most, this number of entries. The FSD returns the the 
number of entries actually placed in the data area in this parameter.   
The FSD does not need to validate this pointer.   
level is the information level to be returned.  Level selects among a 
series of structures of data to be returned. The level passed to the FSD 
is valid .   
flags indicates whether to return file-position information. 
For flags == -1, the FSD must store in the position field adequate 
information to allow the search to be resumed from the file by calling 
FS_FINDFROMNAME. See FS_FINDFIRST for a description of the data format.   
The level passed to FS_FINDNEXT is the same level as that passed to FS_ 
FINDFIRST to initiate the search.   
Sufficient information to find the next matching directory entry must be 
saved in the fsfsd data structure.   
The FSD should take care of the case where the pData area overflow may 
occur . FSDs should be able to start the search from the same entry for 
the next FS_ FINDNEXT as the one for which the overflow occurred.   
In the case of a global search in a directory, the first two entries in 
that directory as reported by the FSD should be '.' and '..' ( current and 
parent directories).   

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