FS_NEWSIZE - Change File's Logical Size

Changes a file's logical (EOD) size.   
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FS_NEWSIZE(psffsi, psffsd, len, IOflag)

struct sffsi far * psffsi;
struct sffsd far * psffsd;
unsigned long len;
unsigned short IOflag;

psffsi is a pointer to the file-system-independent portion of an open file 
psffsd is a pointer to the file-system-dependent portion of an open file 
len is the desired new length of the file.   
IOflag indicates information about the operation on the handle.   
IOflag == 0x0010 indicates write-through. 
IOflag == 0x0020 indicates no-cache. 
The FSD should return an error if an attempt is made to write beyond the 
end with a direct access device handle.   
The file system driver attempts to set the size (EOD) of the file to 
newsize and update sfi_size, if successful. If the new size is larger than 
the currently allocated size, the file system driver arranges for for 
efficient access to the newly-allocated storage.   
Of the information passed in IOflag, the write-through bit is a mandatory 
bit in that any data written to the block device must be put out on the 
medium before the device driver returns. The no-cache bit, on the other 
hand, is an advisory bit that says whether the data being transferred is 
worth caching or not.   

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