FS_PROCESSNAME - Allow FSD to modify name after OS/2 canonicalization

Allow an FSD to modify filename to its own specification after the OS/2 
canonicalization process has completed. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FS_PROCESSNAME(pNameBuf)

char far * pNameBuf;

pNameBuf is a pointer to the ASCIIZ pathname. 
The FSD should modify the pathname in place. The buffer is guaranteed to 
be the length of the maximum path. The FSD does not need to verify this 
The resulting name must be within the maximum path length returned by 
This routine allows the FSD to enforce a different naming convention than 
OS/ 2. For example, an FSD could remove blanks embedded in component names 
or return an error if it found such blanks. It is called after the OS/2 
canonicalization process has succeeded. It is not called for 
This routine is called for all APIs that use pathnames. 
This routine must return no error if the function is not supported.   

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