FS_RMDIR - Remove Subdirectory

Removes a subdirectory from the specified disk. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FS_RMDIR(pcdfsi, pcdfsd, pName, iCurDirEnd)

struct cdfsi far * pcdfsi;
struct cdfsd far * pcdfsd;
char far * pName;
unsigned short iCurDirEnd;

pcdfsi is a pointer to the file-system-independent working directory 
pcdfsd is a pointer to the file-system-dependent working directory 
structure . 
pName is a pointer to the ASCIIZ name of the directory to be removed. 
The FSD does not need to verify this pointer. 
iCurDirEnd is the index of the end of the current directory in pName. 
This is used to optimize FSD path processing. If iCurDirEnd == -1, there 
is no directory relevant to the name text, that is a device. 
OS/2 assures that the directory being removed is not the current directory 
nor the parent of any current directory of any process. 
The FSD should not remove any directory that has entries other than ' .' 
and '..' in it. 

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