FS_SETSWAP - Notification of swap-file ownership

Perform whatever actions are necessary to support the swapper. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FS_SETSWAP(psffsi, psffsd)

struct sffsi far * psffsi;
struct sffsd far * psffsd;

psffsi is a pointer to the file-system-independent portion of an open file 
instance of the swapper file. 
psffsd is a pointer to the file-system-dependent portion of an open file 
Swapping does not begin until this call returns successfully. This call is 
made during system initialization. 
The FSD makes all segments that are relevant to swap-file I/O 
non-swappable ( see FSH_FORCENOSWAP). This includes any data and code 
segments accessed during a read or write. 
Any FSD that manages writeable media may be the swapper file system. 
FS_SETSWAP may be called more than once for the same or different volumes 
or FSDs. 

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