FS_VERIFYUNCNAME - Verify UNC server ownership

Used to poll installed UNC FSDs to determine server ownership. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FS_VERIFYUNCNAME(flag, pName)

unsigned short flag;
char far * pName;

flag indicates which 'pass' of the poll the FSD is being called. 
flag == 0x0000 indicates that this is a pass 1 poll. 
flag == 0x0001 indicates that this is a pass 2 poll. 
pName is a pointer to the ASCIIZ name of the server in UNC format. 
The FSD does not need to verify this pointer. 
What the kernel expects from UNC FSDs for this entry point: 
For pass 1, the FSD will be called and passed a pointer to the UNC server 
name. It is to respond immediately if it recognizes (manages) the server 
with a NO_ERROR return code. This pass expects the that the FSD will be 
keeping tables in memory that contain the UNC names of the servers it is 
currently servicing . If the UNC name cannot be validated immediately, the 
FSD should respond with an error (non-zero) return code. The FSD SHOULD 
NOT send messages in an attempt to validate the server name. 
For pass 2, the FSD is permitted to do whatever is reasonable, including 
sending LAN 'are you there' messages, to determine if they are able to 
service the request for UNC server.   

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