FSH_FINDCHAR - Find first occurrence of character in string

This function provides the mechanism to find the first occurrence of any 
one of a set of characters in an ASCIIZ string, taking into account DBCS 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FSH_FINDCHAR(nChars, pChars, ppStr)

unsigned short nChars;
char far * pChars;
char far * far * ppStr;

nChars is the number of characters in the search list. 
pChars is the array of characters to search for. These cannot be DBCS 
The NUL character cannot be searched for. 
ppSTR is the pointer to the character pointer where the search is to begin 
. This pointer is updated upon return to point to the character found. 
This must be an ASCIIZ string. 
If no error is detected, a zero error code is returned. If an error is 
detected, one of the following error codes is returned: 
indicates none of the characters were found. 
The search will continue until a matching character is found or the end of 
the string is found. 
The FSD is responsible for verifying the string pointers and checking for 
segment boundaries. 
Note:    OS/2 does not validate input parameters. An FSD, therefore, 
should call FSH_PROBEBUF where appropriate. 

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