FSH_SEMWAIT - Wait for clear

This function allows an FSD to wait for an event. The event is signaled by 
a call to FSH_SEMCLEAR. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FSH_SEMWAIT(pSem, cmsTimeout)

void far * pSem;
unsigned long cmsTimeout;

pSem is the handle to the system semaphore or the long address of the ram 
cmsTimeout is the number of milliseconds to wait. 
If no error is detected, a zero error code is returned.  If an error is 
detected, one of the following error codes is returned: 
the time-out expired without gaining access to the semaphore. 
the current thread received a signal. 
the semaphore is inaccessible. 
The caller may return after the time-out period has expired without 
receiving an ERROR_SEM_TIMEOUT. Semaphore time-out values, therefore, 
should not be used for exact timing and sequence. 
FSH_SEMWAIT may block. 
Note:   OS/2 does not validate input parameters. An FSD, therefore, should 
call FSH_PROBEBUF where appropriate. 

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