FSH_STORECHAR - Store a character in a string

This function provides the mechanism for storing a character into a 
string, taking into account DBCS considerations. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal FSH_STORECHAR(chDBCS, ppStr)

unsigned short chDBCS;
char far * far * ppStr;

chDBCS is the character to be stored. This may be either a single-byte 
character or a double-byte character with the first byte occupying the 
low-order position . 
ppStr is the pointer to the character pointer where the character will be 
stored. This pointer is updated upon return. 
There are no error returns. 
The FSD is responsible for verifying the string pointer and checking for 
segment boundaries. 
Note:   OS/2 does not validate input parameters. An FSD, therefore, should 
call FSH_PROBEBUF where appropriate. 

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