Remote IPL / Bootable IFS

This chapter describes the OS/2 Version 2.0 boot architecture and 
extensions to the installable file system mechanism (IFSM) to enable 
booting from an FSD- managed volume, referred to as Bootable IFS (BIFS). 
If the volume is on a remote system, it is referred to as Remote IPL 
The mini-FSD is similar to the FSD defined in this document. However, it 
has additional requirements for to allow reading of the boot drive before 
the base device drivers are loaded.  These requirements are fully defined 
in the two interface sections of this chapter. 
To satisfy its I/O requests, the mini-FSD may call the disk device device 
driver imbedded in OS2KRNL (BIFS case) or it may provide its own driver 
(RIPL case) . 
Along with the mini-FSD, the IFS SYS Utility is required to initialize an 
FSD -managed volume with whatever is required to satisfy the requirements 
of the mini -FSD and this document. 
The IFS mechanism includes some additional calls which the mini-FSD may 
need while it is linked into the IFS chain. 

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