MFSH_LOCK - Lock a segment

Lock a segment in place in physical memory. 
Calling Sequence   

int far pascal MFSH_LOCK(usSel, pulHandle)

unsigned short usSel;
unsigned long far * pulHandle;

usSel is the selector of the segment to be locked. 
pulHandle is a pointer to a double word which is filled in by the helper 
with the lock handle. 
If no error is detected, a zero error code is returned. If an error is 
detected, one of the following error codes is returned: 
the supplied address or selector is invalid. 
This helper is for use by a mini-FSD with an imbedded device driver. It is 
the same as the standard device driver LOCK helper with the following 
assumptions: The lock is defined to be short term and will block until the 
segment is loaded. 

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