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 +Zur Vergößerung auf das gewünschte Miniaturbild klicken. Die ältesten Screenshots werden oben angezeigt.
 +==== Version 0.0.2 ====
 +Alle Screenshots in diesem Bereich sind von derzeit in Entwicklung befindlicher Software.
 +^Boot Sequence ​ ^With Original Bootsector ^
 +|{{screenshots:​boot001.jpg?​200|osFree 0.0.2 Boot Sequence(In Development)}} |{{screenshots:​boot.png?​200|osFree 0.0.2 Boot Sequence(In Development)}} |
 +^Boot Sequence with LILO ((Here you can see result of FreeLDR, Kickstart, L4Ka:​Pistachio,​ sigma0 server and initial screen of pingpong application.)) ^OS/2 Test Application ((Here you can see result of GRUB, Bootstrap, Fiasco and core servers with ongoing port/​reimplementation of OS2Linux for L4 microkernel. Output to log server.)) ^
 +|{{screenshots:​pingpong.png?​200|osFree 0.0.2 Boot Sequence(In Development)}} |{{screenshots:​os2linuxtest.png?​200|osFree 0.0.2 OS/2 test application (In Development)}} }
 +^OS/2 Application Output ((Same as above, but output to graphical L4Con console.)) ^OS/2 Personality server ((CONFIG.SYS ist geparsed worden und PROTSHELL würde hier ausgeführt
 +Writing /​home/​hosted/​osFree/​httpd/​html/​wiki/​data/​meta/​de/​screenshots.comments failed)) ^
 +|{{screenshots:​boot002.png?​200|Output of test application to L4Con server.}} |{{screenshots:​os2server1.png?​200|CONFIG.SYS parsed...}} |
 +=== Discussion ===

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