This call returns the address of the process environment string for the current process.


DosGetEnv (EnvSegment, CmdOffset)


;EnvSegment (PSEL) - output : Address of the selector for the environment segment. ;CmdOffset (PUSHORT) - output : Address of the offset to the command line within the environment segment.

Return Code

;rc (USHORT) - return:Return code descriptions are: * 0 NO_ERROR * 12 ERROR_INVALID_ACCESS


DosGetEnv can be used by dynamic link library routines that need to determine the environment for the current process.

When a process issues DosExecPgm to start another process, the program that receives control is returned a pointer to the environment segment.


C Binding


USHORT rc = DosGetEnv(EnvSegment, CmdOffset);

PUSHORT EnvSegment; /* Selector (returned) */ PUSHORT CmdOffset; /* Command line offset (returned) */

USHORT rc; /* return code */ </PRE>



PUSH@ WORD EnvSegment ;Selector (returned) PUSH@ WORD CmdOffset ;Command line offset (returned) CALL DosGetEnv

Returns WORD </PRE>

Example Code

The following example shows how one may obtain information for program initialization. The program locates the environment segment and prints the name of the command from the command line. It then obtains the OS/2 version number and prints it. <PRE> #define INCL_DOS #include <os2.h> #define ENVVARNAME “PATH”

main() {

SEL       EnvSel;        /* Environment segment selector (returned) */
USHORT    CmdOffset;     /* Offset into env. seg. of command line (returned) */
PSZ FAR   *Commandline;  /* Pointer made by EnvSel and CmdOffset */
USHORT    Version;       /* Version numbers (returned) */
BYTE      MajorVer;      /* Major version number */
BYTE      MinorVer;      /* Minor version number */
USHORT    rc;            /* return code */
/** Locate environment segment and offset of command line. **/
if(!(rc=DosGetEnv(&EnvSel,       /* Env. seg. selector (returned) */
                  &CmdOffset)))  /* Offset of command line (returned) */
  printf("Environment located; selector is %x offset is %x\n", EnvSel,
/** Use a macro to make a far pointer out of selector:offset pair.  **/
/** Notice the far-string pointer specification (%Fs) used to print **/
Commandline = MAKEP(EnvSel, CmdOffset);
printf("Command entered is %Fs.\n", Commandline);
/** Obtain and print version info; use macros to extract info. **/
/** We need to divide by 10 to obtain true version numbers.    **/
  MajorVer = HIBYTE(Version) / 10;
  MinorVer = LOBYTE(Version) / 10;
  printf("This is OS/2 version %d.%d\n", MajorVer, MinorVer);

} </PRE>


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