This call reads a string of characters from the display starting at the specified location.


VioReadCharStr (CharStr, Length, Row, Column, VioHandle)


;CharStr (PCH) - output : Address of the buffer where the character string is returned. ;Length (PUSHORT) - input/output : Address of the buffer length in bytes. ;Row (USHORT) - input : Starting row of the field to read, 0 is the top row. ;Column (USHORT) - input : Starting column of the field to read, 0 is the leftmost column. ;VioHandle (HVIO) - input : This must be zero unless the caller is a Presentation Manager application, in which case it must be the value returned by VioGetPs.

Return Code

rc (USHORT) - return Return code descriptions are: * 0 NO_ERROR * 355 ERROR_VIO_MODE * 358 ERROR_VIO_ROW * 359 ERROR_VIO_COL * 436 ERROR_VIO_INVALID_HANDLE * 465 ERROR_VIO_DETACHED


If a string read comes to the end of the line and is not complete, then the string read continues at the beginning of the next line. If the read comes to the end of the screen and is not complete, the read terminates and the length is set to the number of characters read.

PM Considerations

VioReadCharStr reads a character string from the Advanced VIO presentation space starting at the specified location.

Example Code

C Binding

<PRE> #define INCL_VIO

USHORT rc = VioReadCharStr(CharStr, Length, Row, Column, VioHandle);

PCH CharStr; /* Character buffer */ PUSHORT Length; /* Length of buffer */ USHORT Row; /* Starting row location */ USHORT Column; /* Starting column location */ HVIO VioHandle; /* Video handle */

USHORT rc; /* return code */ </PRE>

MASM Binding


PUSH@ OTHER CharStr ;Character buffer PUSH@ WORD Length ;Length of buffer PUSH WORD Row ;Starting row location PUSH WORD Column ;Starting column location PUSH WORD VioHandle ;Video handle CALL VioReadCharStr

Returns WORD </PRE>


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