This call sets the cursor type.


VioSetCurType (CursorData, VioHandle)


;CursorData (PVIOCURSORINFO) - input : Address of the cursor characteristics structure: :startline (USHORT) : Horizontal scan line in the character cell that marks the top line of the cursor. If the character cell has n scan lines, 0 is the top scan line of the character cell and (n - 1) is the bottom scan line. :endline (USHORT) : Horizontal scan line in the character cell that marks the bottom line of the cursor. Scan lines within a character cell are numbered as defined in startline. The maximum value allowed is 31. :cursorwidth (USHORT) : Width of the cursor. In text modes, cursorwidth is the number of columns. The maximum number supported by the OS/2 base video subsystem is 1. In graphics modes, cursorwidth is the number of pels. ::A value of 0 specifies the default width. In text modes, this is 1 column. In graphics modes, this is the number of pels equivalent to the width of one character. :cursorattrib (USHORT) : A value of -1 denotes a hidden cursor, all other values denote a normal cursor. ;VioHandle (HVIO) - input : This must be zero unless the caller is a Presentation Manager application, in which case it must be the value returned by VioGetPs.

Return Code

rc (USHORT) - return Return code descriptions are: * 0 NO_ERROR * 355 ERROR_VIO_MODE * 356 ERROR_VIO_WIDTH * 421 ERROR_VIO_INVALID_PARMS * 436 ERROR_VIO_INVALID_HANDLE * 465 ERROR_VIO_DETACHED

Example Code

C Binding

<PRE> typedef struct _VIOCURSORINFO { /* vioci */

USHORT   yStart;               /*cursor start line */
USHORT   cEnd;                 /* cursor end line */
USHORT   cx;                   /* cursor width */
USHORT   attr;                 /* -1=hidden cursor, any other=normal
                                     cursor */


#define INCL_VIO

USHORT rc = VioSetCurType(CursorData, VioHandle);

PVIOCURSORINFO CursorData; /* Cursor characteristics */ HVIO VioHandle; /* Video handle */

USHORT rc; /* return code */ </PRE>

MASM Binding


vioci_yStart dw  ? ;cursor start line
vioci_cEnd   dw  ? ;cursor end line
vioci_cx     dw  ? ;cursor width
vioci_attr   dw  ? ;-1=hidden cursor, any other=normal cursor



PUSH@ OTHER CursorData ;Cursor characteristics PUSH WORD VioHandle ;Video handle CALL VioSetCurType

Returns WORD </PRE>


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