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minimal BVH, capable of writing via int 10h when booting

Ordinal Name Desc Status
3 DEVENABLE Fills the entries in the Call Vector Table for all of the functions supported by this BVH. It is called as a subfunction of the Presentation Manager enable function entry point

BVH functions (initialized via DevEnable)

Number Name Desc Status
100h (256) Function 100h Text Buffer Update
101h (257) Function 101h Initialize Environment
102h (258) Function 102h Save Environment
103h (259) Function 103h Restore Environment
104h (260) Function 104h Query Config Info
105h (261) Function 105h DBCS Display Info
108H (264) Function 108h Query Cursor Info
109H (265) Function 109h Set Cursor Info
10CH (268) Function 10Ch Query Mode
10DH (269) Function 10Dh Set Mode
112H (274) Function 112h Query Variable Info
113H (275) Function 113h Set Variable Info
117H (279) Function 117h Query LVB Info
118H (280) Function 118h Get video state
119H (281) Function 119h Set video state