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This is not real code, just forwarders to DOSCALLS.DLL

Entry points

Ordinal Name Description Status FAPI Version
1 DosPutMessage Forwarder to DOSCALLS.383 Done FAPI 1.0
2 DosTrueGetMessage Forwarder to DOSCALLS.384 Done FAPI 1.0
3 DosInsMessage Forwarder to DOSCALLS.385 Done FAPI 1.0
4 DosInsertMessage Forwarder to DOSCALLS.386 Done
5 DosPutMessage Forwarder to DOSCALLS.387 Done
6 DosTrueGetMessage Forwarder to DOSCALLS.388 Done
7 DosIQueryMessageCP Forwarder to DOSCALLS.390 Done
8 DosIQueryMessageCP Forwarder to DOSCALLS.389 Done
9 DosCloseMessageFile Forwarder to DOSCALLS.649 Done


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