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osFree is a (Free Open Source software) operating system development project, aiming to replace eventually all OS/2 subsystems with Open source analogues. It aims for OS/2 Warp 4 (Merlin) as a base compatibility system, which does not mean that we will not support features of newer (OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, eComStation and ArcaOS) OS/2 versions. This includes rewriting not only user-level code but the OS/2 kernel too.

We're collecting existing code for OS/2 subsystems for years. Also we are developing our own bootloader named FreeLdr and OS/2 personality for L4 microkernel, i.e. a number of servers, implementing the Control Program (OS/2 kernel) Interface functionality in userspace. See osFree design and development concept for more details. Visit the Chat Channel on the EFNET

Several projects with similar goals exist (or existed). Here is the brief comparison of goals and tasks of different projects.

Our project is reusing the code of many opensource projects.

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Project News

January 10, 2007

The dotproject area is officially working for guests. You may now check on our progress real time at any time quickly and easily. Also there is a new, better theme integration into phpBB dubbed osfree3 for registered user info. This does not mean we have our login systems integrated yet, however.

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November 22, 2006

Another article at OSNews where mentioned osFree and Voyager

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November 3 2006

After a little work, Kevin Garricks (aka Jay) has been completed the dokuwiki area of the site. There are a few little glitches here and there in the site’s design, but they are nothing that would be of any consequence, and will not detract from the usability nor attractiveness of the site for the user. If you wish to contribute with the growth of the wiki and osFree’s development and documentation you must ask on the forum for us to upgrade your account to “user” or “developer” in order to get started. Unapproved users will be added to another user group which will not be able to make any modifications.

List of Current Problems
  • Edit Toolbar does not show fully. Will be fixed with later DokuWiki release & upgrade. DONE
  • Table of contents appears sideways from Table of contents title. DONE
  • Admin CP has div problems at times.

None of these will really affect you terribly. Please deal with the 2 & 3 while I try to resolve

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November 28, 2005

OSNews.org published news about osFree [1]

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24 November 2005

First osFree screenshot [1].

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May 14, 2005

  • osFree mentioned at osViews.com in article about ReactOS:


  • Samuel A. Falvo II released first boot sequence prototype [2].

Check Boot sequence forum for more information.

  • Old forum replaced by more powerfull forum system (PhpBB). osFree skin is bad ;) We are looking for web-page designers.
  • Kernel selected. It is L4 Microkernel [3]. Most probably ReactOS will be ported to L4 also (things happen).

As result we can have 'Virtual drivers' like from L4Linux [4].

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April 3, 2005

Poll stopped.

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January 11, 2005

Site online again. Was some problems with scripts. osFree project still in information and sources collecting phase, so no yet general usable stuff.

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October 20, 2003

Small development tasks. We are looking for contributors!

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October 10, 2003

CVS instructions added. CVS installed. ‘Build level information’ book added.

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October 4, 2003

Command reference updated/fixed. Binary snapshot added.

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Github Commit log


We're now at the alpha stage, which means that the current version is not feature-complete nor stable and not recommended for everyday usage. The 0.0.x release series will still stay in alpha stage, and 0.9 release series will be marked as beta, meaning a system which is suitable for every day use.

The next release will be 0.0.5, with an release date being open. See our osFree roadmap for details.

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