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Current Status

osFree project is deep in the alpha stage. At the present time the osFree project work with low-level parts of operating system like loader and related tools. Also we have set of command line tools like CMD.EXE and file/disk maintance utilities.

For now a lot of tools are already finished (mainly thanks to JP Software for their 4OS2 command processor sources and Bartosz Tomasik for most of other command line tools. Also thanks to whose who contributed directly or indirectly their sources). But there's still a lot to do.

However, don't limit yourself to command line tools. If you're interested in developing a kernel loader (some source exists), kernel, device drivers, or other parts of the osFree system, you are welcome to work on them! We will be glad to see you as an osFree developer!

We have a dotProject management system installed on this server to maintain the status of osFree. Currently this system is not integrated into DokuWiki, and is open to anyone logged into the guest account.

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