[Q]: Втоpой пpоцессоp не опpеделяется осью (4.5x), что делать?

[A]: Alex Sverdlin (2:5020/1057.117)

Окончательный pецепт пеpехода от UNI к SMP таков: 1. Кyпить мать 2. Кyпить два пpоца из одной паpтии 3. Заменить железо 4. Заменить OS2LDR, OS2KRNL, DOSCALL1.DLL на SMP'шные (из \OS2\INSTALL) 5. Добавить psd=os2apic.psd в конфиг 6. Все

[A]: unknown author

Adding SMP capability to Warp 4 (XR_M013+)

Here is a little tip to convert a Warp 4 Fixpack 13 PC into an unsupported Warp 4 Fixpack 13 SMP PC. All you need is 4 files from the XR_E001 fixpack 1 for Warp Server eB.

Do not do the following or you might get into trouble with IBM when you call for help<g>:

1.) Do not get the following files from the WSeB fixpack


2.) Do not unpack the files using UNPACK2 3.) Do not copy OS2APIC.PSD into OS2\BOOT 4.) Do not replace \OS2\DLL\DOSCALL1.DLL 5.) Do not replace \OS2LDR 6.) Do not replace \OS2KRNL 7.) Do not put PSD=OS2APIC.PSD into your CONFIG.SYS

If you run ODIN you also need the TRACE files for the SMP kernel from the OS2.1 directory or some things might not work (I haven't tried it yet).

Btw. If you are running Lan Server 5 from Warp Server 4 Advanced under OS/2 Warp 4 with HPFS386 do no do this. You will get a trap in NETWKSTA.200 during the Server startup. This seems to be a kernel bug because it works with the UNI kernel. I haven't found a workaround yet. Using only the Requester seems to work.

Happy Patching


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