L4Ka::Pistachio build

  1. create directory build
  2. cd to build
  3. make -f path_to_afterburner
  4. make menuconfig
  5. deselect xen 3 or xen 2 (because we use only L4Ka:Pistachio)
  6. select kernel to build. We propose to select 2.6.x kernel for real hardware.
  7. make world, compilation can be stopped with error because problems with some header files generation.
  8. cd to build pistachio-kernel-<arch>
  9. make tcb_layout.h
  10. make asmsyms.h
  11. make kdb_class_helper.h
  12. make kdb_autogenerated_protos.h
  13. cd to root build dir
  14. make world

Note: According to set of build tools you can have problems with build process. For example, GCC 4 not supported well. With latest binutils you need apply patch to some kernel inline instructions (available on kernel.org site). And so on.


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