Generation 2 infrastructure

Note: Generation 2 of osfree.org site now not used but old links works just fine.

Second generation osFree.org consist of index.php file with arguments passed into PHP script.

Was support following arguments for different content:

 ''add here'' 

Also 2nd generation osfree.org contaims this files for redirection to newer location.

index.html → index.php was site start point
top.html → index.php was logo frame
menu.html → index.php was menu frame
start.html → index.php was news page
objective.html → index.php was project description page
developing.html → index.php?gobaby=coding was developers gudelines
licence.html → index.php?gobaby=license was license page (note, file name misspelled)
members.html → index.php?gobaby=develop was list of osFree members
download.html → index.php?gobaby=download was download area
contact.html → index.php?gobaby=forum was contact information

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