Generation 3 infrastructure

Also 3rd generation osfree.org contaims this files for redirection to newer location.

  Generation 1 links. Redirected now via .... for faster redirection
index.html → index.php was site start point
top.html → index.php was logo frame
menu.html → index.php was menu frame
start.html → index.php was news page
objective.html → index.php was project description page
developing.html → index.php?gobaby=coding was developers gudelines
licence.html → index.php?gobaby=license was license page (note, file name misspelled)
members.html → index.php?gobaby=develop was list of osFree members
download.html → index.php?gobaby=download was download area
contact.html → index.php?gobaby=forum was contact information
(generation 2 links)
index.php?gobaby=… → doku/en:…

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