Developing and promotion of osFree supported by teams:

  • The Web Team controls and maintain “face” of osFree project - web services
  • The Build Team establish build environment tools set and build process. Build team also generates weekly builds of osFree.
  • The Boot Team allow to boot osFree system on your computer.
  • The CLI Team design and establish command line interface
  • The Documentation Team maintain documentation. It also controls some content of web pages.

Source code documentation maintained by correponding team.

osFree developers (former or/and active) and contributors

Adrian Gschwend ktk [a t] netlabs.org CVS maintainer
Anders Christensen anders [a t] pvv.unit.no Regina REXX interpreter developer
Andrew Belov andrew_belov [a t] newmail.ru Developer
Bartosz Tomasik bart2 [a t] asua.org.pl Developer
Cristiano Guadagnino criguada [a t] tin.it Developer
David C. Zimmerli davez [a t] nni.com FreeLoader Developer
Eric Auer eric [a t] coli.uni-sb.de DISKCOMP/SORT Developer
Henk Kelder Unknown Developer
Jim Hall jhall [a t] freedos.org FIND Developer
Jim Lynch Unknown SORT Developer
John Martin Alfredsson jma [a t] jma.se Developer/ex-project coordinator
JP Software http://www.jpsoft.com 4OS2 command processor developer
Ken Wright DaddyWarlock [a t] netscape.net Content editor
Kim Haverblad kim [a t] os2world.com Webmaster (www.osfree.org)
Knut St. Osmundsen knut.stange.osmundsen [a t] mynd.no COMP Developer
Mark Hessling M.Hessling [a t] qut.edu.au Regina REXX interpreter developer
Michal Meller mellerm [a t] witual.pl DISKCOMP developer
Michal Necasek Michal [a t] prodigy.net Build environment/compiler
Mike Greene Unknown RexxUtil and mkmsgf developer
Mike Muuss Unknown PING Developer
NewView project Unknown HELPMSG.DLL/VIEW.EXE Developer
Patrick Haller patrick.haller [a t] haller-gmbh.de PING/TRACERTE Developer
Sascha Schmidt sascha.schmidt [a t] asamnet.de Developer
Stephen Lacy sl31 [a t] andrew.cmu.edu MORE Developer
Sven Eric Rosen sven_rosen [a t] hotmail.com Developer
Ulrich Moeller http://www.xworkplace.org xMakeIni Developer/CVS docs
Vitus Jensen Unknown RCopy Developer
Valery Sedletski _valerius [a t] mail.ru Developer/Web/Documentation/Build environment
Yuri Prokushev prokushev [a t] freemail.ru Developer/Web/Documentation